"Condemnation before investigation is the highest form of ignorance".
  • Albert Einstein

Who Are We?

Consulting firm specialised in Criminal as well as Administrative Investigations, Compliance Oversight, Security and Risk Management, and Legal Research

About Us


Canvass is managed by Harjit Sandhu, a law enforcement professional having extensive experience in Administrative as well as Criminal Investigations including Financial & Economic Crimes, Fraud & Corruption, Counter- Terrorism, Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking and War Crimes.

In addition to his service as a senior police officer in his home jurisdiction, Harjit worked in Interpol, United Nations Security Council's Sanctions Panels, United Nations International War Crimes Tribunal (ICTY), Special Tribunal for Lebanon and United Nations World Food Programme.

Harjit also provided services as an ‘Independent Expert’ on Counter- Terrorism, Financing of Terrorism, Human Rights issues, Intelligence Operations and other related subjects for several international and regional organisations.

Harjit’s professional profile can be accessed at:



Where are we based?

We are based in Brussels. However, we intend to be a truly international company that can provide services in any part of the globe at a short notice.

The idea is to respond to the growing global demand for experienced investigators, compliance and risk management specialists, especially with UN Agencies, NGOs, INGOs and government agencies throughout the world.

Our global network of consultants are multilingual, with the ability to work in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and the commonly used Asian languages. We are also experienced at working effectively with translators when needed.

Our Clients

We work with multiple organisations throughout the world. Our clients include humanitarian organisations of all kinds including UN, INGOs and NGOs operating in different parts of the world. Additionally, our client base includes multinational companies, public service providers, private enterprises, financial service providers, government agencies and other international organisations.

We will work with the clients to protect the integrity and reputation of their organisations and will be committed to supporting them in achieving their objectives. Whether their challenge is the fraudulent diversion of funds and supplies, the inappropriate application of organisation’s values in carrying out their operations, or eliminating hostile, negative and discriminatory work practices, our team of duly vetted, highly trained and competent professionals will cater to their unique requirements.

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